About Yokohama and Odesa

Formation of Sister City Relationship: July 1965

City of Odesa

City of Yokohama

City of Yokohama Profile

PopulationApproximately 3.77 million
AreaApproximately 435.95 ㎢
ClimateTemperate humid (Average Summer temperature: 26°celsius, Average Winter temperature: 7°celsius)
LocationLocated approximately 30-40 kilometers southeast of central Tokyo, Yokohama is a municipality located along Tokyo Bay in Kanagawa Prefecture.
A port town with international flair

As a modern city in the Greater Tokyo Area with natural beauty and an international atmosphere due to its historic ties with foreign countries, Yokohama is known as a scenic seaside city and a modern port town. International Cooperation

A popular place to live

While Yokohama is home to many site-seeing spots as well as the headquarters and factories of many major companies, it is also well-known as a commuter town for people working in Tokyo. The city has excellent access to nature, with the beaches of the Shonan Coast and the Miura Peninsula and the mountainous areas of Tanzawa and Hakone located less than an hour away.
Kohoku New Town in Tsuzuki Ward is a large-scale modern residential district. Due to cheaper real estate costs compared to Tokyo, Yokohama has been chosen as the number one place to live by a wide margin in multiple surveys from 2018-2020.

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Exchange with Odesa

Technical Cooperation with Odesa

Odesa’s Historical District

On January 25, 2023, the UNESCO World Heritage Committee decided to register Odesa’s Historic District as a World Heritage site. Mayor Yamanaka sent a video message congratulating Yokohama’s sister city.