International Cooperation

Delegation from Ukrainian Ministry of Infrastructure and Municipalities Visits Yokohama

A Ukrainian delegation visited Yokohama on May 18 as part of JICA’s invitation program to support restoration and reconstruction. The delegation met with Yokohama Mayor Takeharu Yamanaka and toured infrastructure facilities in the city.

During the meeting with Mayor Yamanaka, Mr. Ihor Kolkhovy, Coordinator for Cooperation Partners, Ministry of Regional Land and Infrastructure Development, introduced the current situation in Ukraine and the need for rehabilitation and reconstruction of infrastructure, and Mayor Yamanaka informed the delegation that Yokohama will work with JICA on technical cooperation utilizing Yokohama’s experience in urban development.

Afterwards, they inspected a mobile hospital operated by Sansei Corporation, a company located in Odesa. On the same day, the City of Odesa, Sansei Corporation, and YOKOHAMA URBAN SOLUTION ALLIANCE exchanged a memorandum of cooperation for the utilization of mobile hospitals in Odesa.

Sansei Corporation will continue discussions with the City of Odesa regarding the free rental of mobile hospitals to the city.

The visit to the Northern Sludge Recycling Center also included an introduction to power generation using sewage sludge.

International Cooperation